Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to FollowImmigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

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Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

Are you considering immigrating to Australia? Are you helping a friend, relative or lover come to Australia? Then, you need to know what to ask an immigration attorney. Hi, my name is Nicole. This blog contains everything I learned while helping my parents to immigrate to Australia. It coaches you on what to ask an immigration attorney, and it also has tips on how to best navigate the immigration process. Whether you are just starting the process or in the midst of it, these posts are designed to help. Please, get comfortable and start exploring. I am glad you found my blog, and I hope it helps!

What to Do Once a Partner Visa Is Granted

After waiting several months for your partner visa application to be processed and accepted, what do you do next? Most successful applicants think that the only thing left to do is get on a plane and reunite with their partner. Besides making travel arrangements, you must do a couple of things once you have been granted a partner visa. Prepare Identification Documents The first thing you should do once you have been granted a partner visa is prepare all your identification documents. Read More 

Visa Refusal Appeal: 3 Critical Aspects to Consider

We all travel locally or internationally for different reasons. Whether you are travelling for personal or official reasons, you must have a valid visa for foreign travel. Notably, the visa application process is complicated and requires applicants to possess up-to-date information to increase their chances of success. Without a doubt, having your application for a travel permit denied can be a stressful and emotionally draining experience. However, most countries provide provisions for appeal, which enable visa applications to be reconsidered. Read More 

Visa Applications: The Answer Could Be No and Here Is Why

It's good to travel the world. You get to experience various cultures, meet new people and learn about other things that are not in your country. Additionally, travelling is also a good way to relax and take time off the normal routine in your country. Sadly, the modern world is not a roam friendly environment. There is increased scrutiny in different immigration departments around the world.  Governments keep a keen eye on the people entering and leaving various countries to ensure the safety of their citizens. Read More 

3 Main Reasons Why You Should Employ the Services of a Certified Migration Agent in Your Subsequent Visa Application

It's not mandatory to use a certified migration agent when lodging your visa application. In fact, you may opt to file your own visa application with the Immigration department. Nonetheless, before doing so, consider these three main reasons for employing the services of a certified migration agent. It's Referred to as Migration Law for a Reason One of the common misconceptions that people have about migration agents is that they only complete and submit applications, which are tasks that anybody can do on their own. Read More