Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to FollowImmigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

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Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

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Visa Refusal Appeal: 3 Critical Aspects to Consider

We all travel locally or internationally for different reasons. Whether you are travelling for personal or official reasons, you must have a valid visa for foreign travel. Notably, the visa application process is complicated and requires applicants to possess up-to-date information to increase their chances of success. Without a doubt, having your application for a travel permit denied can be a stressful and emotionally draining experience. However, most countries provide provisions for appeal, which enable visa applications to be reconsidered. If your visa application has been denied, here are critical factors to consider before reapplying.

Know the Procedure

The visa application process is complicated and dynamic due to constant changes in the law. Therefore, your application might be denied if you fail to adhere to the legal requirements. However, if you hire an immigration lawyer, they will analyse why your visa was rejected and offer professional advice to increase your chances of success during reapplication.

Moreover, an immigration attorney will take you through the process to ensure that you are fully aware of the expectations. For example, a visa applicant might fail to conform with a subclass 485 graduate visa requirement—the issue might appear straightforward, but it complicated for a first-timer. In simple terms, being forewarned about the procedural requirements increases your chances of success on reapplication.

Freedom of Information Request

The application process for a visa is characterised by bureaucracy, which might affect your chances of success. The matter becomes even more complicated during an appeal, especially if you lack the necessary information. Thankfully, the law allows you to make a freedom of information request that contains information about your visa application file. The data is useful since it outlines why your visa was denied in detail.

Time Limits

A visa refusal appeal is not an open-ended exercise since it is time-barred like other legal processes. While most people think of lodging a complaint with the administrative appeal tribunal when their visa application is declined, the route is not advisable. In recent times, the decisions being forwarded to the tribunal have increased, with some cases taking between 1-2 years to resolve. Unfortunately, the visa appeal window might lapse and lock you out of a second application process. Therefore, engage an immigration lawyer to guide you through the paces and avoid mistakes that might dampen your chances of success. The cost implication of hiring a professional to help with a case of visa refusal is worthwhile.