Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to FollowImmigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

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Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

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3 Main Reasons Why You Should Employ the Services of a Certified Migration Agent in Your Subsequent Visa Application

It's not mandatory to use a certified migration agent when lodging your visa application. In fact, you may opt to file your own visa application with the Immigration department. Nonetheless, before doing so, consider these three main reasons for employing the services of a certified migration agent.

It's Referred to as Migration Law for a Reason

One of the common misconceptions that people have about migration agents is that they only complete and submit applications, which are tasks that anybody can do on their own. While it is true that every government application entails plenty of administrative work, however, this is only the surface work. As far as migration agents are concerned, their main emphasis is the migration law. Migration law is intricate and encompasses a wide variety of legislation, guidelines and procedures that are very hard for the ordinary person to understand without professional training and experience. Note that filling forms and tabling the needed evidence does not make your application successful. Rather, an understanding of the legislative prerequisites puts you in a better position to meet whatever criteria stipulated in the visa application.

Time Saving and Economical

Employing the services of a migration agent is time saving and economical. Why? Well, the agents get things completed correctly the first time. Many people spend huge sums of money on application fees, tribunal fees as well as wasting plenty of time while waiting for their applications to be processed, largely because they acted on wrong advice from the onset.

You may be unaware, but even a common matter like a tourist visa application can develop into a huge nightmare for any subsequent visa applications. In addition, the thought of managing your own application in order to save a few dollars can result in negative consequences such as having your application refused due to failure to follow the correct legal procedures.

Complete Peace of Mind

Certified migration agents adhere to a code of conduct, which stipulates the professional standards that the agents must adhere to when dealing with visa applicants. The fact the agents are insured, regulated and specialised gives any visa applicant the peace of mind that they are dealing with an individual who knows the ins and outs of migration law. In case you feel that a migration agent hasn't adhered to the code of conduct or acted in an expert way, you can lodge a formal complaint with the Migration Agents Certification Authority.

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