Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to FollowImmigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

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Immigration Attorneys: Questions to Ask and Tips to Follow

Are you considering immigrating to Australia? Are you helping a friend, relative or lover come to Australia? Then, you need to know what to ask an immigration attorney. Hi, my name is Nicole. This blog contains everything I learned while helping my parents to immigrate to Australia. It coaches you on what to ask an immigration attorney, and it also has tips on how to best navigate the immigration process. Whether you are just starting the process or in the midst of it, these posts are designed to help. Please, get comfortable and start exploring. I am glad you found my blog, and I hope it helps!

What to Do Once a Partner Visa Is Granted

After waiting several months for your partner visa application to be processed and accepted, what do you do next? Most successful applicants think that the only thing left to do is get on a plane and reunite with their partner. Besides making travel arrangements, you must do a couple of things once you have been granted a partner visa.

Prepare Identification Documents

The first thing you should do once you have been granted a partner visa is prepare all your identification documents. The reason is that you need your current identification documents to start living in Australia. Some of the documents you require to travel include your birth and marriage certificate. If you are from a non-English speaking country, ensure that you have translations of all your identification documents. It helps acquire an Australian identity card fast. Identification documents also come in handy when processing your Australian driving licence and driver's insurance. Unlike Medicare applications, you can lodge a driver's licence application immediately after you get a partner visa, even if you have not arrived in the country.

Apply for Medicare

When you receive a partner visa, the first thing you must do is apply for Medicare. It is the country's public health insurance covering medical and hospital treatment for all Australian citizens. Notably, applicants who apply for a partner visa onshore are eligible for Medicare immediately after lodging their application. However, if you are an offshore partner visa applicant, you can only qualify for Medicare once you arrive in the country. It means that you can only apply for Medicare once your partner visa has been granted. Therefore, talk with your Australian partner regarding the necessary documentation for the Medicare application when you arrive. You can also think about getting private health insurance once you receive a partner visa.

Prepare to Apply for Permanent Visa

There is a common misconception that a partner visa guarantees permanent residency in Australia. Even if your partner or spouse is Australian, you still have to apply for a permanent visa once your partner visa has been granted. According to the immigration department, partner visa holders are eligible for Australian citizenship after five years. However, the assessment process for getting a permanent visa is thorough, which is why you should start the processing immediately after the issuance of a partner visa.

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